“I have worked with Fred and the others at Keith & Associates for 25 years. As a professional athlete and business person, it is vital to find an attorney you can trust. Fred and his team at Keith & Associates have always provided excellent services in the areas of business, taxes and estate planning. I highly recommend them.”
Barry Larkin
MLB Hall of Fame

“I have had a relationship with Fred Keith and his firm Keith & Associates for 14 years. Fred and his group of very qualified associates have provided estate planning, accounting, tax preparation, and land acquisition contract advice. They have also helped navigate complex bank and HUD financing instruments as well as skilled care CON applications. I am thankful for the help of Fred and his team, and they have been instrumental in facilitating strong growth in our companies.”
Greg Jacobs
Clermont County, Ohio

“I have worked with Keith & Associates for 15 years and have formed close relationships with the professionals. I value their tax, legal and business advice. They have helped me throughout my career as consultants and friends.”
Sean Casey
Cincinnati Reds Hall of Famer